Compile your project using the following command:

ape compile

Configure the location Ape looks for contracts by editing the contracts_folder key in your project’s ape-config.yaml file:

contracts_folder: src  # Default is 'contracts/'

The JSON Compiler

Ape ships with a compiler that is able to compile .json files. This compiler is useful for the following:

  1. Interfaces: If you know the address of an existing contract, you can include its ABI in your project and create a contract wrapper around it:

from ape import project

address = "0x1234556b5Ed9202110D7Ecd637A4581db8b9879F"
contract =
  1. Pre-existing Contract Types: If you have a contract type JSON that was compiled elsewhere, you can include it in your project. This is useful if you are unable or unwilling to install a compiler.

WARN: You may have to adjust the name and source ID of the contract type in the JSON to match the new file name in your project.

Other Compiler Plugins

If your project includes Solidity (.sol) or Vyper (.vy) files, you will have to install additional compilers. To include additional compilers in your project, you can add the plugins to the plugins list in your ape-config.yaml or install them using the CLI. For information on how to configure plugins in your project, follow this guide.