Message classes for typed structured data hashing and signing in Ethereum.

class eip712.messages.EIP712Message(_name_: Optional[str] = None, _version_: Optional[str] = None, _chainId_: Optional[int] = None, _verifyingContract_: Optional[str] = None, _salt_: Optional[bytes] = None, *args, **kwargs)

Bases: EIP712Type

Container for EIP-712 messages with type information, domain separator parameters, and the message object.

property signable_message: SignableMessage

The current message as a SignableMessage named tuple instance. NOTE: The 0x19 prefix is NOT included.

class eip712.messages.EIP712Type

Bases: object

Dataclass for EIP-712 structured data types (i.e. the contents of an EIP712Message).