class ape.utils.basemodel.BaseInterface

Bases: ManagerAccessMixin, ABC

Abstract class that has manager access.

class ape.utils.basemodel.BaseInterfaceModel

Bases: BaseInterface, BaseModel

An abstract base-class with manager access on a pydantic base model.

dict(*args, **kwargs) Dict

Generate a dictionary representation of the model, optionally specifying which fields to include or exclude.

json(*args, **kwargs) str

Generate a JSON representation of the model, include and exclude arguments as per dict().

encoder is an optional function to supply as default to json.dumps(), other arguments as per json.dumps().

class ape.utils.basemodel.injected_before_use(fget=None, fset=None, fdel=None, doc=None)

Bases: property

Injected properties are injected class variables that must be set before use NOTE: do not appear in a Pydantic model’s set of properties.